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BHBS Chomesh L’Chinuch

BHBS Chomesh L’Chinuch

“It is requested…that for the foreseeable future all members of the community allocate 20% of their total Tzedokoh outgoings towards the local schools of their choice. This is in addition to any existing contributions paid.”

Rabbi M. Halpern


We would encourage you all to join this programme by setting up a regular monthly payment, as this will ensure that our schools can receive a regular income and plan their budget and teaching resources accordingly.

To join Chomesh L’Chinuch, please follow two easy steps: Set-up and Inform

Setup Your Donation

  • Contact Your Bank or Charity Voucher Company
    To instruct them to set up a monthly standing order request to be credited to
    Chinuch 20 Ltd (or for Charity Voucher companies, make payable to “BHBS CLC”)
    – Sort Code 23-05-80, Account Number 28274351
    – Using Reference “BHBS CLC (and your name)” 

    We recommend to setup Standing Orders where possible, either via your bank or Achisomoch with the above details.

    Note : For Achisomoch clients – you may request, by contacting the Achisomoch office, to set up ‘Percentage Standing Order’, whereby your chosen percentage (eg 20%) of your future deposits to Achisomoch are automatically transferred to EAYC Chomesh L’Chinuch.

  • Use the Chomesh L’Chinuch Standing Order Form
    Alternatively, you may use the Chomesh L’Chinuch standing order mandate form. Please complete, sign and send to Chomesh L’Chinuch (see address below) or you can send directly to your Bank/Charity Voucher company.
  • For cheques/vouchers or written enquiries to Chomesh L’Chinuch (CLC)
    Our postal address is:
    Beis Hamedrash Beis Shmuel CLC, c/o Chomesh L’Chinuch, 13 Elmcroft Avenue London NW11 0RS

Inform the Chomesh L’Chinuch office

Once you have set up your donations, please email to inform the Chomesh L’Chinuch office that you have set up your donations for Beis Hamedrash Beis Shmuel Chomesh L’Chinuch.
You may include in your email, the guidance to Chomesh L’Chinuch, to distribute your donations to specific school(s), please inform us which school(s) and what percentage. Otherwise your donation will be allocated as part of the general BHBS Chomesh L’Chinuch fund to schools in proportion to those attended by the children and grandchildren of our kehilloh.

Here’s what the schools say

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