UAE airport protection: Banned and permitted factors to carry-in the baggage – Chomesh L'Chinuch

UAE airport protection: Banned and permitted factors to carry-in the baggage

UAE airport protection: Banned and permitted factors to carry-in the baggage
Chomesh L'Chinuch

UAE airport protection: Banned and permitted factors to carry-in the baggage

Dubai: Seeing airport safety dispose of your things may be frustrating. You could save many stress by understanding the procedures and packing your own luggage properly. Airports have rules in place as to what possible and cannot package inside inspected around baggage together with your cabin baggage once you take a trip.

If you are planning traveling out of the UAE, it may be difficult to keep in mind what things you can and ought to maybe not push onto airplanes or to your inspected in luggage.

Selecting their case

All handbags produced into UAE flight terminals need a minumum of one flat work surface. Game and unpredictable shaped parcels will never be recognized at check-in. Their case also shouldna€™t posses a lengthy band.

You should check in rectangular baggage, a bag with a flat base or any container, so long as it’s sealed precisely. In the event the case really doesna€™t posses one or more flat working surface or perhaps is irregularly shaped and oversized, it should be straight away declined at check-in.

Checked in luggage

In accordance with Dubai flight terminals, an optimum two items of luggage are allowed for intercontinental trips, with the total pounds not surpassing 32 kg. However, this surely differs by flight and food kind. Make sure you consult your airline if your wanting to fly. Baggage larger than 90 cm extended, 75 cm high and 60 cm wide, or without one flat work surface, must be inspected around at the oversized luggage counter because it wona€™t getting approved regarding the requirement size baggage scanning belt.

Hands luggage

Usually air companies accept two bits of hand baggage. a shoulder bag including a handbag, new laptop bag and backpack, in addition to limited cabin case. Cabin baggage needs to have a maximum period of 56 cm, width of 45 cm and range of 25 cm such as all handles, side pockets and tires.


In a carry on:

Nowadays the restriction on liquids is actually worldwide, although enforcement regarding the procedures can vary greatly from country to country.

In UAE airports, all liquids ought to be packed inside a clear, re-sealable plastic case, within your give baggage. The product cana€™t become more than 100 ml and utter of most your items cana€™t surpass one litre.

Exceptions: medicines, kid milk products and ingredients and unique nutritional requirement to be used through the trip.

In a checked in bag:

Packing liquids can be carried out in just about any quantities into checked in bags. Airport protection doesna€™t impose any limits on liquids on examined bags. Should you choose pack drinks into the inspected luggage, the only worry was guaranteeing the containers and pots dona€™t open and leak in the suitcase.

Idea: Unscrew the clothes of your containers and address with saran place before screwing the top again on. This helps avoid spillages.

According to Abu Dhabi traditions, each traveller was permitted to carry no more than 4 litres of alcoholic beverages or one carton of hops when travelling to the UAE.


The UAE helps to keep an in depth eye on money laundering and questionable financial recreation, thus people taking a trip are meant to declare whether they have large sums of money on them.

a€?All inbound and outbound travelers, that are 18 years and above, should declare the money they possess a€” whether in profit, cheques or important jewelry a€” when they worth more than Dh60,000,a€? Dubai Customs mentioned on August 29.

Any funds possessed by passengers, who are around 18 yrs . old, is included with exactly what her guardians carry, the power stated.

It is possible to declare money and items conveniently online. Dubai Customsa€™ a€?iDeclarea€™ wise software simplifies the practices clearance process for passengers by enabling self-declaration regarding must-declare commercial merchandise, individual issues, or money either pre, or post-arrival at the airport, reducing the time you’ll need for that to lower than four mins.

Exemptions for gifts

In August the power clarified, a€?The exempted items add personal merchandise with a worth of max Dh3,000, smoking cigarettes (maximum 400 smoking cigarettes), cigars (maximum 50 cigars) and tobacco (max 500 grms). Something above these prices try at the mercy of customs duties.a€?

To be exempted from paying traditions responsibilities, gift ideas must be for personal rather than commercial needs which will be made the decision in line with the advantages together with quantity of the goods taken onboard.

Based on UAE federal government you’ll in fact transfer a particular restrict of items for non-commercial purposes. Some examples are at the most:

a€? 20 kg of yoghurt

a€? 50 litres of petroleum (such as olive-oil)

a€? 10 kg of various different vegetables and fruits

a€? 10 kg candy and breads

a€? 30 kg of grains, grains and red meat

a€? 10 kg of seafood and seafoods

a€? 500 gm of caviar

a€? 20 kg for honey and glucose goods

a€? 5 kg for herbs and herbs including white vinegar, orange-blossom water and rose water

a€? 500 gm of saffron

a€? 10 kg of special-purpose items instance kids’ food is let

a€? 20 litres of beverages and syrups like liquid

a€? 5 kg of fruit juice concentrates

a€? 25 kg of processed products.


The UAE government suggests visitors getting higher wary of getting certain types of medicine inside UAE. Some medicines off their nations could have chemicals which happen to be blocked for the UAE, which may resulted in arrest of those holding them.

Dubai traditions stated it’s got arrangements using Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) to allow travelers to hold medications prescribed for more than three months. However, guests need fulfill particular criteria.

a€?Passengers should have an approved from the official healthcare facility or a doctor that clearly mentions the treatment in addition to wellness reputation of the passenger. Treatments must kept in their unique earliest pots and packaging and expiry dates must certanly be obvious on it.a€?

Customs authorities for the UAE on a regular basis update the list of medicines blocked when you look at the UAE. Men and women visiting the UAE must always check their own internet sites before travelling to browse your medicinea€™s name.