Let’s make Chinuch our community’s priority.

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As of October 2021, Chomesh L’Chinuch has raised over £1,250,000 for NW London Schools.

Chomesh L’Chinuch Shuls:



Chomesh L’Chinuch is a North West London initiative that aims to help support the most vital of our communal institutions – our schools.  Already burdened with a £7,000,000 annual shortfall, our schools’ situation is worsening due to a combination of slashed government real-terms funding and running beyond maximum capacity. Furthermore, there are increased costs of Ofsted compliance and additional indirect payroll costs. These factors risk staff redundancies and reductions in the quality of Chinuch which our children will receive.

There are three fundamental aspects to the Chomesh L’Chinuch initiative:

You are not being asked to increase your total Tzedokoh donations.

Rather it is to ensure that your kehilla’s schools receive their fair share of your already generous annual tzedokoh donations – which as per your Rov’s guidance should be 20% of your total tzedokoh payments

Your donations will be directed towards the schools which children from your Kehilloh attend.

Alternatively, you may instruct your shul’s Chomesh L’Chinuch to distribute your donations to the local school(s) of your choice.

Whether you plan to donate £250 or £10,000 a year to your Chomesh L’Chinuch fund…

…we encourage you to set up a regular monthly payment to ensure our schools receive a steady income and can plan their annual budget accordingly.

The schools of our Kehilloh are its foundations and the basis for our future. It is a communal responsibility to care for them. Your help is essential, whether as a parent with children in the schools, a grandparent, or a member of our community. When allocating your existing Tzedokoh donations every pound directed towards our schools is a pound invested in the future of our own Kehilloh.

Quotes from Heads of Governors at local
Primary and Secondary Schools.