Chomesh l'Chinuch

Chomesh L’Chinuch

A Brief History

The Problem

  • NW London Jewish Schools are suffering a £7,000,000 annual deficit.
  • Most Rebbes receive salaries below their families’ basic living requirements.
  • Yet over 80% of our NW London community give less than 10% of their total Tzedokoh allocation to local schools (excluding fees).

The Solution

  • If the community allocated 20% of their Tzedokoh donations to our local schools, the deficit would be substantially reduced.

Rabbi YM Greenberg calls for GoldersGreen Beth Hamedrash (GGBH) membersto donate 20% of their Tzedokoh outgoingstowards local schools of their choice.

Chomesh L'Chinuch launches at GGBHencouraging members to donate theirchomesh ("20%") into a central ShulChomesh L'Chinuch Fund.This will be distributed based on donors'requests or allocated pro-rota to theschools attended by the GGBH members.


Anonymous donors top up new contributionsto the GGBH Chomesh L'Chinuch fund by 20%


In order to determine the allocation offunds raised, Chomesh L'Chinuch organisesan annual Children School survey listingwhich local schools GGBH members'children attend.


Allocation 1


Chomesh L'Chinuch GGBH distributes £49,390 to local NW Schools.

“This is very generous of the donors and GGBH.Well done on successfully launching this initiativeand leading the way by example.”

- Mr Moshe Morris, Finance Governor, Menorah High School

"Chomesh L'Chinuch is a truly incredible initiative,incredible achievement and a real KiddushHashem."

- Mr Danny Brodie, Governor, Pardes House Primary School


Allocation 2


Chomesh L'Chinuch GGBH Distributes £55,400 to local NW Schools, bringing thetotal amount donated to over £100,000

"I am delighted to hear this tremendous news and
thank you the organisers, and Rabbi Greenberg
for creating this wonderful initiative. On behalf of
everyone at Hasmonean, I say that we are
extremely grateful to you. The extra funds will
make a real difference to our students lives."

- Mrs J Rashbass, Chair, Finance Committee at Hasmonean
High School

Achisomoch provides its users theoption to automatically allocate 20%(a chomesh) of their account depositsto Chomesh L'Chinuch.
Adath Yisroel Congregation (HAYC)launches the HAYC Chomesh L'Chinuch
Chomesh L'Chinuch organise theannual Children Survey, for both HAYCand GGBH memberships.
Beis Hamedrash Beis Yisroel (The Dayan's Shul) launches the BHBY Chomesh L'Chinuch.

Allocation 3


Chomesh L'Chinuch GGBH and HAYCjointly distribute £155,000 to local NWSchools, bringing the total amountdonated to over £255,000

Launch of the BEST (The Benzi DunnerSchools Trust) incentive program for newChomesh L'Chinuch standing orders.


Beis Hamedrash Beis Shmuel launchesthe BHBS Chomesh L'Chinuch.



Allocation 4


Chomesh L'Chinuch distributeapproximately £250,900 to localNW London schools, bringing the totalamount donated to £510,900.

Edgware Adath is the first Kehilloh inEdgware to join Chomesh L’Chinuch


Beis Hamedrish Beis Yisochor Dovbecome the sixth member shul!



Allocation 5


Chomesh L'Chinuch distributeapproximately £339,000 to local NWLondon schools, bringing the total amountdonated toapprox £850,000


In conjunction with Achisomoch andCharityExtra, Chomesh L’Chinuch host andco-ordinate ShpielTime over Purim, raising £105,000 for our local schools!

Allocation 6


Chomesh L'Chinuch distributeapproximately £380,000 to local NWLondon schools, bringing the total amountdonated to approximately £1.3 million.



More NW London shuls are preparing to set up aChomesh L’Chinuch program, as the communitymoves closer towards the initial Chomesh L’Chinuchgoal of raising £1,000,000 per year for local chinuch.

Schools supported by Chomesh L'Chinuch:

Ateres Beis Yaakov Primary School

Beis Medrash Elyon

Beis Soroh Schneirer

Beis Yaakov Grammar School

Beis Yaakov Primary School

Bnos Beis Yaakov Primary School

Beis Chinuch Primary School

Beit Schvidler Primary

SchoolHasmonean High

SchoolHasmonean Primary School

Independent Jewish Day School



Menorah Foundation

SchoolMenorah Grammar School

Menorah High for Girls

Menorah Primary School

Noam Primary School


Nancy Reuben Primary School

Pardes House Primary School

Pardes House Grammar School

Peninim Girls School

Rimon School

Rosh Pinah Primary School

Shiras Devora High School

Sinai Jewish

Sacks Morasha

Talmud Torah Tiferes Shlomoh

Tiferes Girls School


Tiferes High School

Torah Temimah Primary School

Torah Vodaas Primary School

To launch Chomesh L’Chinuch in your shul, please contact Eli Katz([email protected]) or Emanuel Meyer ([email protected])

Chomesh l'Chinuch