Chomesh l'Chinuch

These weeks are a particularly opportune time to calculate the correct amount of Maaser Kesofim due on their total income for the year and ensure that they donate this maaser amount in full to suitable beneficiaries.


To facilitate the computation of how much Maaser is due, we have developed a series of spreadsheets where you can input details of your income, expenditure and capital gains on the spreadsheets available. Once downloaded, all the figures that you enter on the spreadsheet are personal to your computer and are not visible to anyone else.


There are 4 spreadsheets tailored to individuals with different sources of income and there are detailed instructions for use. The spreadsheet will automatically calculate your liability.


There is also a tab on each spreadsheet to enable you to record the donations that they have already paid to different charities. You can then compare this total that you have already donated to tzedoko with the figure that you have calculated as your maaser liability.

Please download you spreadsheet by clicking on the appropriate link:
Chomesh l'Chinuch