Chomesh l'Chinuch

New Sign-Up Bonus Scheme Launches

21st January 2019

Now’s the time to join Chomesh L’Chinuch!


Thanks to our sponsors Delapage, BEST and Achisomoch, each new Standing Order will receive a £500 bonus allocated to a school of your choice.


If the Standing Order is from a new BEST account, BEST will increase the bonus by an additional £250!


But be quick, the bonus offer available until June 2019 and whilst sponsorship funds available. You will be notified upon application if the bonus incentive is no longer available.


Please note, however, that the standing order value must be over £50/month.


Join today!


Please email [email protected] with your preferences once you have set up your monthly standing order (or “% Standing Order”, available from Achisomoch and BEST).

Chomesh l'Chinuch