Chomesh l'Chinuch

New Sign-Up Bonus Scheme Launches

May 2021

Now’s the time to join Chomesh L’Chinuch!


Thanks to our sponsors Delapage and Achisomoch, up to a £1,000 sign-up bonus is yours to allocate to the school of your choice!


each new Standing Order will receive a £500 bonus allocated to a school of your choice.


Each new standing order to Chomesh L’Chinuch will earn a sign-up bonus:


£50/month or more – you’re given £500 to allocate!
£100/month or more – you’re given £1,000 to allocate!


Join today!


Please email [email protected] with your preferences once you have set up your monthly standing order (or “% Standing Order”, available from Achisomoch).

Chomesh l'Chinuch